About Us

We focus intently on the upgrades to your space with a designer’s eye, fuelled by a craftsman touch. With our unique blend of expertise, you can rest assure that the upgrades to your forever home are in the hands of people who care.


Our Principals

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Karl is the co-founder of White Label Homes. Karl has been active in the Winnipeg and Western Canada construction industry since 1988. 

He is the managing partner in a number of privately held commercial properties and has served as a director on several publicly traded company boards. His business acumen and depth of construction knowledge provides clients with expertise and leadership to reach their project goals. 



Daniel co-founder of White Label Homes. He brings a blend of architectural design talent, real estate development and marketing knowledge to work closely with clients from all walks of life.

Daniel, is a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture (2006). He joined Lola Construction Management in April 2011 after working in the architecture industry for five years. He has had a primary focus on Design-Build and Construction Management projects, with a strong background in architectural design. Daniel brings a broad range of skills to the team. 

As a principal, Daniel is personally involved in all of Lola Construction Management’s project pursuits, and posses a wide range of experience and the necessary knowledge to help take a project from beginning to end.

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Jared became a principal of White Label Homes in 2017, and joined the team in January of 2014. 

During his time with the company, he has been in charge of delivering some of the most complex and challenging projects in the company's history.

He has over 13 years of project management experience, with an additional seven years of hands-on construction experience. Jared brings a deep knowledge of construction management and project delivery

As a principal, Jared is personally involved the on site aspects of Lola Construction Management’s projects. He posses a wide range of experience and the necessary knowledge to help deliver successful projects.