South Tuxedo - Exterior Renovation

In keeping with the original style of the structure, White Label Homes was tasked with re-building the envelope this spectacular house, while honouring its original modern design. Years of extreme Winnipeg weather had taken a tole on the exterior of the building, and it had become a maintenance headache for the homeowners.

In an effort to achieve a modernist pure-white finish, the team developed a plan to refresh the exterior from top to bottom, using materials that require little maintenance and feel authentic to the era of the home. Included in this renovation was the construction of a new grand entrance, complete with a large-scale 9’ high custom door, finished with a high-gloss automotive paint, as well as a striking walkway leading up to the home. Today, the house is a source of pride for the longtime homeowners, as they know it's nearly impossible to drive past without pausing.

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